Why Tearing My ACL Was A Good Thing

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Wait, say what?? I know sounds like a crazy statement – right? And.. well it is!

But looking back at my overall experience, tearing my ACL (twice) has taught me so many life lessons and has paved the path for the many opportunities ahead.


Within my 4 years of cheering at Syracuse University, I tore my ACL not once but twice. After the second ACL tear, I decided enough was enough and turned to fitness instead of surgery to beat the odds and strengthen my knee to full recovery.

That’s right – it was because of fitness that I was able to overcome what would have been a career ending injury. Not only did I build strength physically, but fitness has also helped me build the mental strength to turn any challenge into an opportunity to achieve something great!

I have since founded cheerFIT in the process and work to motivate cheerleaders to build strength in both body and mind.


It is no secret that fitness is good for you, but do you know just how important fitness is to your success as a cheerleader?

As cheerleaders, we are constantly pushing our bodies to limits with new stunts, advanced tumbling and intense routines. We endlessly run through our routines practice after practice, hoping to improve each and every time, but do we?

No, looking back on it, this is NOT the way to improve, advance nor succeed. Instead, I want you to give fitness a try!

*spoiler alert: get ready to see your cheer skills advance like never before!

FITNESS will positively impact your success as a cheerleader and here is why:

1. FITNESS will improve your stunting: If you would like to advance your stunting skills, you need to strengthen your core and work on your balance.

Challenge your friends or teammates to a team plank challenge and see who can hold it (with good form!) the longest. Do this at least twice a week and see your stunts hit the first time, hold longer and advance!

2. FITNESS will improve your tumbling: If you are looking to impress your coach with that new tumbling pass, then you better be focusing on plyometric exercises! Plyometric exercises (also known as jumping exercises) build endurance and power. Join the monthly cheerFIT Workout Challenge and get ready for the flood of compliments about your tumbling!

3. FITNESS will help you overcome any challenge: If you want to overcome any obstacle life throws at, than fitness is for you! Use fitness to get mentally strong and turn any challenge into an opportunity!

So yes, now looking back on it tearing my ACL was actually a good thing because it helped me find my passion for fitness and discover all of the amazing benefits of fitness.

Need help overcoming a challenge or getting into a fitness routine? Don’t sweat it – I am here for you!

Simply head on over and sign up for your free cheerFIT consultation.

Chat with you soon!

Stay FIT,


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Danielle Wechsler

Danielle Wechsler is a highly energetic and extremely motivated fitness professional. Danielle is the founder of cheerFIT (www.cheerfittraining.com), trainer to the pros and former collegiate cheerleader. Danielle originally founded cheerFIT after focusing on fitness to overcome two ACL tears during her cheerleading career. Danielle combines her passion for cheerleading and expertise in the fitness industry to create cheerFIT. She currently offers workout videos, online coaching programs and in person bootcamps throughout the country. cheerFIT workouts are a great way for cheerleaders to tone, sculpt strengthen and prevent injury!

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