Wait, What ‘Off’ Season?

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Hi Cheerleaders!

I wanted to check-in, say hi, and see what you have been up to in the cheer ‘off season’.

Wait – what am I talking about ‘off season’? As cheerleaders we know there is not much of an off season. Between preseason, games, competition season and tryouts, it is pretty much cheer 24/7.

By the end of each cheer season (which is the longest season of any sport) we all have the same bittersweet feeling – you are tired and ready for a break! Now, who’s with me that once you are finally on a break from cheering, you actually don’t know what to do with yourself! Are you bored and kind of wishing you had practice again?

I know the feeling and that is why I am here to share my favorite cheerFIT tips to help you find a solution to beat that boredom and have FUN while staying FIT.

TIP #1: You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

Yup – I don’t want to see any slacking here! As cheerleaders, we are tough, fierce and motivated. Offseason is not the time to slack. It is actually the perfect time to refocus, recharge and revamp for next year!

Let’s first look back on the previous year and look ahead for next year. What did you do well, what would you like to improve on, and what new goals would you like to achieve? Tweet me @cheerfitworkout and share your thoughts!

TIP #2- Create a Weekly Routine

Now that you have your goals planned out – I want to help you reach those goals! The best piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you have a weekly workout routine that you are committed to every week.

Some of my favorite total body exercises include:

  • – Burpees
  • – Push Ups
  • – Jump Squats
  • – Plank Hold
  • – Football Runs

*Complete each exercise for 60 seconds and repeat for 3 rounds.

If you want tor really take it to the next level, check out some of our virtual cheer fitness coaching programs here: http://www.cheerfittraining.com/individuals.html. I am happy to help you create a workout routine that will be sure to whip you into shape and help you bust out of that post season boredom!

TIP #3- Stay Active, Have Fun, and Enjoy Your Time ‘Off’

The most important tip I wanted to leave you with is this – “Above all challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have and what you can accomplish”.

Take advantage of this time to challenge yourself, try something new and keep on learning. The more you challenge yourself and put yourself out there – the better you are in both body and mind.

So take the plunge – I challenge YOU to put yourself out there and do something different today!  Tweet your challenge @cheerfitworkout and I will help ‘cheer’ you on and motivate you along the way!

Sweat, smile and repeat – cheerFIT.



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Danielle Wechsler

Danielle Wechsler is a highly energetic and extremely motivated fitness professional. Danielle is the founder of cheerFIT (www.cheerfittraining.com), trainer to the pros and former collegiate cheerleader. Danielle originally founded cheerFIT after focusing on fitness to overcome two ACL tears during her cheerleading career. Danielle combines her passion for cheerleading and expertise in the fitness industry to create cheerFIT. She currently offers workout videos, online coaching programs and in person bootcamps throughout the country. cheerFIT workouts are a great way for cheerleaders to tone, sculpt strengthen and prevent injury!

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