The Secret Weapon For Staying Fit This Summer

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Happy Summer!

Are you enjoying the sunshine? Are you looking forward to summer vacation? Even more important – are you ready to get your sweaty glow on?

Can I get an OH YAAA!

Summer time is filled with good times, hanging out with friends and having shouldn’t your workouts be about the same kind of summer lovin’ fun?

As your cheer fitness trainer and founder of cheerFIT I am excited to share my favorite fit tips and to reveal my secret weapon for staying in cheer shape this summer!

Ok ready for it – the ULTIMATE secret weapon piece of advice for staying fit this summer is to make working out FUN!

Secret Weapon #1: Turn Your Workout into a Game

Grab your fitness pal or teammate, a deck of cards and head outside to get your sweaty glow on and enjoy the summer sunshine. Take turns flipping each card and whatever the number is on the card is the number of reps you have to do.

  • – Spades- Pushups
  • – Diamonds- Squats
  • – Hearts- Bicycle Crunches
  • – Clubs- Wild Card! Pick your favorite exercise and share with us on instagram

Secret Weapon #2: Turn Your Summer Vacation into a FIT-cation

Do you have summer vacation plans? Take cheerFIT with ya! Although we can’t be there physically (although we would love a good vacation) we can still help you stay in cheer shape – even when on vacation! Check out the cheerFIT Workout DVD  and bring it with you on the go. The cheerFIT DVD is jam packed with the latest cheerFIT Workouts, high – energy moves and cheer inspired exercises! And get don’t even need any equipment! The DVD makes for a perfect travel buddy!

Secret Weapon #3: Make the Most of Your Summer Activities

Are you hanging at the beach or heading to the pool?

If at the beach, do a workout on the sand! Because of the uneven surface, the sand is a perfect way to intensify those exercises and advance stability. Check for exercise ideas!

If you are chilling at the pool, jump in the water and practice your motions! The extra resistance helps you really focus on technique.

Now go enjoy your summer and have fun staying in cheer shape – cheerFIT style : )

Until next time..

Stay FIT,


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Danielle Wechsler

Danielle Wechsler is a highly energetic and extremely motivated fitness professional. Danielle is the founder of cheerFIT (, trainer to the pros and former collegiate cheerleader. Danielle originally founded cheerFIT after focusing on fitness to overcome two ACL tears during her cheerleading career. Danielle combines her passion for cheerleading and expertise in the fitness industry to create cheerFIT. She currently offers workout videos, online coaching programs and in person bootcamps throughout the country. cheerFIT workouts are a great way for cheerleaders to tone, sculpt strengthen and prevent injury!

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