Advice for Cheer Parents: Supporting Your Cheerleader’s Coach

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Whether you have been a cheer parent for a week or a decade, these are the little things that you can do to make your child’s coach love you. Consider these tips and advice for cheer parents:

Make Cheer a Priority

As you have probably figured out by now, cheerleading is extremely time-consuming. It takes huge amounts of practice to make all that dancing, stunting, and jumping look easy. Cheerleading is unique among sports in that the team absolutely cannot practice full out without every team member. If a team member is missing at basketball, or soccer practice, the rest of the team can still practice their skills. If a stunt group is missing a member, nobody else in that group can get the practice they need. Make sure your cheerleader gets to practice on time, every time. This includes not scheduling appointments or events during regular practice time, as well as not over-scheduling your cheerleader with other activities. If your cheerleader absolutely must miss a practice, give as much advance notice as possible, preferably via email or text.

Make an Appointment

Your coach is undoubtedly a very busy person. So rather than springing surprise discussions at the end of practice when he or she might be rushing to get to another activity, make an appointment to speak in private, especially if it’s a private matter regarding your child.

Talk It Out

If you have an issue with anything that your coach is doing, talk to your coach first. Your coach can explain the reasons behind the issue and possibly present alternatives. If you’re still not satisfied, you can then go to your coach’s boss, either together or separately to present your positions. However it’s considerate to let your coach know your plans before you go over his or her head.


If you think something needs to be done, whether it’s fundraising, making travel arrangements, or ordering apparel, offer to do it or form a committee to help with it. It’s much more helpful to prevent a solution instead of a problem, and your coach will undoubtedly appreciate having some of these tasks taken off of his or her hands.

Be On Time

On time is good. Early is better. One of the biggest headaches that a cheer coach has to deal with is collecting money and forms. When people don’t turn these items in on time, it’s a real pain to have to keep sending reminders day after day. Late payments can affect the entire team, too. Orders for uniforms and accessories usually can’t be placed until everyone has paid. Competition fees paid past the deadline can accrue late fees. So whether it’s arriving at practice or paying fees, doing it on time makes life easier for everyone.

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Marge Packman

Marge was a member of her high school pom team and has coached youth and school cheer for over 17 years. She has a BA in English from Northern Illinois University (Go, Huskies!). After graduation she joined the Peace Corps, met her husband, and moved to The OC. After cheer practice, you can find her watching football with her son or perusing the scrapbooking aisles with her daughter.

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