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Take a look at this great Q & A with the cheerFIT founder, Danielle Wechsler!

What inspired you to become a fitness trainer?

I was inspired to be a fitness trainer after personally experiencing the benefits of fitness.

My Story: While cheering at Syracuse University I tore my ACL not once, but twice. After the 2nd ACL tear I turned to fitness instead of surgery to rehab my knee back and defy the odds. Through fitness, I was able to strengthen my knee to full recovery. I realized – fitness works, and I have since made it my mission to spread this message. I developed cheerFIT to inspire fitness for cheerleaders and offer a valuable resource and motivating outlet for athletes to strengthen in both body and mind.

 How did you begin to develop cheerFIT? Was it easy?

cheerFIT was developed out of pure NEED for FITNESS for cheerleaders.

As cheerleaders, we push our bodies to the limits! Between countless hours of stunt practice, non-stop tumbling and running through routines 24/7, we are taking a toll on our bodies.

As the industry continues to advance, so does the injury rate. Cheerleading has now proven to be the number one cause of catastrophic injuries among female athlete participants!

The solution – cheerFIT.

cheerFIT is an established method of fitness training developed to prevent and overcome injuries within the sport. We offer a unique combination of online training with a personal touch to help cheerleaders prevent injury, advance skills, and build confidence.

creating cheerFIT was not easy – it took a lot of sweat and hard work! There are challenges, hurdles and roadblocks – but I live by the quote, “every challenge is an opportunity to achieve something great”, and we have turned every challenge into an opportunity to succeed!

We are continuing to learn and grow each and every day, but with that being said cheerFIT has been taking the industry by storm and growing more and more each day.

In additional to new programs launching each season, we now offer an education and certification training for cheerleaders, coaches, and fitness professionals to get cheerFIT certified!  If interested in teaching cheerFIT or bringing cheerFIT to your team – click here.

Although not easy, cheerFIT has been the best and most rewarding thing I have ever done! As the founder and creator of cheerFIT, I am so proud of what we have accomplished thus far and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

 What has been the most rewarding part of your job?    

 The most rewarding part of cheerFIT is knowing that we are truly helping our athletes and clients reach their goals! I LOVE hearing testimonials  about how much cheerFIT has helped them!

You see, people do not always realize just how important fitness is – until you start doing it and you realize it works! As founder of the program, it touches my heart to connect with our clients each week and hear their success stories!  From overcoming injuries, to advancing skills and making that team – every client is a member of the cheerFIT family!

Growing my team of ambassadors, captains, and fans has been amazing. You can meet the cheerFIT family here:

Where do you plan to be in 10 years?

What a question! This past year alone we have exploded in growth and we CAN’T WAIT to see what the future holds! It is an amazing feeling to wake up everyday and LOVE what you do.

As the cheerFIT brand continues to take off and advance, we now offer additional programs for both cheerleaders, coaches and group fitness enthusiasts.

To keep up with demand, cheerFIT has also launched a certification program to train coaches and fitness enthusiasts under the cheerFIT method. With the growth of our certified cheerFIT professionals, we are now able to offer a scalable solution to take the brand nation wide.

Our unique programs are made available through various product offerings both online and in person. Programs include: boot camps for teams and fitness enthusiasts, virtual coaching, workout DVDs, fitness guides, consulting, and more.

Our combination of cheerleading experience and fitness expertise has aligned to form a competitive advantage and unique service within our niche market.

Featured in FITNESS Magazine, American Cheerleader, LIVESTRONG, Yahoo Beauty, Women’s Health Magazine, Well+Good, Racked and Everyday Health, cheerFIT is taking the industry by storm.

How has your experience in cheerleading helped you reach your goals and be where you are today?        

My experience in cheerleading has been crucial to building the business and brand cheerFIT is today. Personally experience the sport (the good, the bad, the ugly) – I have the passion for cheerleading and I am able to combine my expertise in fitness and passion for cheerleading in a way that can’t be matched.

Our programs are developed for cheerleaders, by cheer and fitness experts – all of whom have your goals as a cheerleader in mind. Being a competitive cheerleader and working up to the D1 level, I know what it takes to be a cheerleader and develop our fitness programs accordingly.

Additional Questions: What are some fun facts that are not cheer related:

Laughing is my favorite exercise – when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts, you know you’re getting a great workout.

I am motivated by a challenge and am a true believer that everything happens for a reason

I have energy for days!

For more info about Danielle Wechsler and cheerFIT, visit us at www.cheerfittraining.com

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Danielle Wechsler

Danielle Wechsler is a highly energetic and extremely motivated fitness professional. Danielle is the founder of cheerFIT (www.cheerfittraining.com), trainer to the pros and former collegiate cheerleader. Danielle originally founded cheerFIT after focusing on fitness to overcome two ACL tears during her cheerleading career. Danielle combines her passion for cheerleading and expertise in the fitness industry to create cheerFIT. She currently offers workout videos, online coaching programs and in person bootcamps throughout the country. cheerFIT workouts are a great way for cheerleaders to tone, sculpt strengthen and prevent injury!

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