Planning Your Fitness New Year’s Resolution

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Have you heard the quote, “failing to plan is planning to fail”? It’s no secret, if you want to succeed you have to plan to make it happen.

As we head into December and round out the year, it is time to look back on what we learned in 2015 and set ourselves up for success in 2016.

Whether you want to amp up your fitness game or make that dream team, now is the time to turn your New Year’s resolution into a reality.

No matter what your goals are, here are the keys to making those New Year’s resolutions stick!

Take Time to Reflect

Looking back on 2015, what did you learn? What are you most proud of accomplishing? What do you wish you would have accomplished?

Looking back at the past year is the perfect way to start planning for the future.

Write it Down and Measure It

Resolutions should be both specific and measurable. Writing down your goals is one of the best steps to accomplish them, and so is figuring out the steps needed to make it happen.

Now, I want you to write down 3 goals – a one-month goal, a 6-month goal and a 1-year goal. It is important to set timely goals so that you can measure your success.With anything (especially fitness), success is a series of small victories. So write down your small victories that you want to accomplish and let’s make it happen!

Share Your Goals

Telling others about your goals helps keep you accountable. If you want to share your goals with me, I would be happy to help you stay motivated and reach them!

Schedule a free consultation with our motivation team here:

By sharing your goals, you are holding yourself accountable and motivating others to join you!

Have a Plan

You must plan to make each day count! Time flies, I mean can you believe it is almost 2016 already? If you plan for success it will happen. Schedule in your weekly workouts, plan out your week ahead and make sure to congratulate yourself for the small victories along the way.

I know, it can be a little intimidating if you are not exactly sure what is the right plan , but that is why I have created this fitness guide for you– complete with a brand new workout plan each week!

And with that my friends, it is time to officially write down your goals and gear up to make 2016 happen!

Ps- I’m taking my own advice and heading out to go write down my top 3 goals.

See you in 2016!


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Danielle Wechsler

Danielle Wechsler is a highly energetic and extremely motivated fitness professional. Danielle is the founder of cheerFIT (, trainer to the pros and former collegiate cheerleader. Danielle originally founded cheerFIT after focusing on fitness to overcome two ACL tears during her cheerleading career. Danielle combines her passion for cheerleading and expertise in the fitness industry to create cheerFIT. She currently offers workout videos, online coaching programs and in person bootcamps throughout the country. cheerFIT workouts are a great way for cheerleaders to tone, sculpt strengthen and prevent injury!

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