A Workout For Bases

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A great stunt group is built first by having a solid foundation and structure. Everyone in your stunt group has an integral role and relies on each other to achieve success.

With anything, building a solid foundation is the key to success and in stunting- there is no exception. The stronger you are both physically and mentally, the better your entire stunt is! Strength comes from being both physically and mentally strong. To build strength, you have 2 main things to focus on –  technique and form. So for today’s workout, I want you to be extra aware of proper form – and carry that awareness on with you to each and every practice.

Ok, now for the fun stuff – it’s workout time!

Follow these exercises and get ready to advance your stunting and get in top cheer shape!

*even though this workout is perfect for bases, it is a great workout for all cheerleaders.

So let’s get to it!

Start by going through each exercise below for 45 seconds each. Once you have gone through all four, repeat 3 more times.

1. Burpees to a T Push Up

2. Jump Squat Lunge

3. Duck Walks

4. Negative Crunches

Check out these videos below to ensure you are doing this exercises properly.

Burpees to a T Push Up

Jump Squat Lunge

Duck Walks

Negative Crunches

Don’t Forget You Can Print Out Your Workout Card and Take it On the Go (bring it to practice, the gym or send to a friend!).

Base Workout

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Alright my bases how are we feeling? Now this week at open practice, remember your technique, your form and commit to each stunt both physically and mentally. And if you really want to be so awesome and earn MVP status (and shh even make your other teammates jealous), check this out.

 Enjoy the workout and leave a comment with any questions!

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