Competition Season Prep

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Woo-hoo! Competition season is just around the corner! Those summer practice days will soon be increasing in hours and most likely those 2 day a week practices will be changing to 3 practices a week. Those changes also seem to coincide with the start of a new school year so it is extremely important to prepare for the upcoming season. Below are some tips to help prepare for the competition season to ensure that you have a successful and stress free cheer season.


Get enough rest each night! Proper rest is essential to being a successful athlete. Your muscles will rejuvenate and your mind will relax. With proper sleep habits you will be mentally and physically ready to head to practice and /or competitions.


Even though you may not be competing this weekend, your body needs proper nutrients to get thorough those strenuous practices. Eating healthy during the pre-season is just as important as eating well during the competition season. Everything you put in to your body is being stored so that your body can perform at your best. So fill up on lots of protein, fruits, veggies, healthy carbs and be sure to drink plenty of water.


School can bring some added stress to the cheer season. Be sure to have a good homework and study routine so that you can keep up with your school work and grades.

Cheer Bag Prep

It’s never too late to prepare your cheer bag for your upcoming competitions. Some items to include are: hairspray, pony tail holders, bobby pins, extra ankle socks, your makeup bag, curling iron, pain-reliever medicine and other first aid items, bottle water, a tide pen  and teasing brush/comb.

Start Saving

I would be lying if I didn’t say cheerleading is an expensive sport. It is never too early to start saving and fundraising for your travel expenses, cheer tuition, practice gear and those unexpected costs that come up each year.

I hope these tips help you prepare for the upcoming season. Competition season comes with a lot of hard work, dedication, sweat and tears. It is all worth it in the long run. Keep reaching for your goals and be the best that you can be this season!

Cheers and good luck at your competitions!

Jamie Micewski

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Jamie Micewski

Jamie is a proud, “Cheer Mom” residing in PA with her husband, son and daughter. She is also a 2nd grade teacher. Jamie spent 13 years of her childhood and teenage years cheering and feels it has helped her mold into the woman, mom, and teacher she is today. Her greatest gift is to watch her daughter embrace that very same sport through the world of All Star Cheerleading.

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