Ordering Frequently Asked Questions


How many apparel styles can I choose from?

Chassé offers over 10 styles in three different fabrics:

Performance fabrics styles include a long sleeve top, crop top, sports bra, tank top, skirt, short, men’s top, and bodyliner (the performance bodyliner matches the double knit styles only).

Double knit fabric styles include a shell top and a skirt.

Polyester fabric styles include a warmup jacket and warmup pant.

Can I mix and match different sublimated designs for my styles?

No, you must choose one design for both your top and bottom uniform pieces.

How many colors can I choose?

Chassé offers 33 color options and you can choose a combination of up to 3 different colors per uniform, practice wear set, or warmup set. You cannot choose different colors for the top and bottom pieces. You do not have to choose 3 different colors. If you only want to use 2 colors, you may select the same color for multiple areas of the design.

Can I choose different colors for the front and back designs?

No, the colors will be the same for the front and back.

What if I put a logo or text over a seam or edge of the garment?

We do not allow logos or graphics to be printed over seams of the garments. Our designers will modify your apparel for final approval if any logos or graphics are placed over a seam.

Can I add custom graphics to my sublimated apparel design?

Our library offers a selection of graphics that can be added at no cost. Custom graphics may be used also, for an additional fee.

Can I upload a photograph to be used on my uniform?

We recommend customers do NOT upload full color photographs to be used on their uniforms due to the nature of the sublimation process. We cannot guarantee that any photograph’s colors and quality will look exactly as it does on your computer screen.

What if I upload an image with a white background?

In house designers will remove the white background of any uploaded images.

Will my Special Instructions be saved if I edit a pre-existing design?

Special Instructions are unique to each design. Any changes made to pre-existing designs will be saved as a new design and create a new Omni ID.


How do I order?

To start designing, visit http://sublimation.omnicheer.com/designertool. You can then use the interactive design tool to build a uniform, practice wear set, or warmup set that can be shared for review. Once a design is finalized and saved, a unique Omni ID is generated. When you are ready to order, provide your ID number to an Omni Cheer Sales Representative.

Omni Cheer Sales Department:
1-800-299-7822 Option 1
FAX: 1-858-613-1976 Attn: Sales Department