General Frequently Asked Questions


What is sublimation?

In technical terms, sublimation is the process of using heat to transfer dye onto a material. In apparel terms, it’s when dye is printed on clothing, like cheer uniforms and practice wear. The process is much different than your everyday screen print t-shirt. With an average printed item, the image or design is printed on top of the fabric. With sublimation, the design or image is infused into the fabric, making it softer and more fluid when you touch or look at it.

What is the fabric composition of sublimated items?

Chassé offers three types of fabrics for its sublimated items. The double knit fabric is a Poly/Spandex blend that offers a traditional fit with a little bit of stretch.

The performance line is a stretch material that uses high-performance moisture-wicking C-dri® fabric. The fabric blend dries faster, giving the wearer a drier and more comfortable experience.

The Polyester Sublimated fabric is tough on the outside with a soft, comfortable fleece interior that is made to stand up to cold temperatures.

Can sublimated garments last through a year of cheerleading practices, performances, games, and competitions?

When cared for properly, a Chassé sublimated apparel design and your graphics and logos should remain bright and clear. A typical printed t-shirt may fade after a certain number of washes, but with a sublimated item, the fabric is permanently dyed, meaning it can be washed repeatedly without the quality of the print incurring damage.

Why is sublimation a good option for cheerleading apparel?

Chassé sublimation is ideal for cheerleading apparel because the fabric can hold up against active and frequent use and the design is less affected by sweat, weather, or washing.

What are the advantages of sublimation?

  • The image or design is permanent and won’t fade or peel.
  • Colors can be brighter.
  • An image or design can be printed all over the entire item, even all the way to the edges or hem.
  • The polyester fabric is more comfortable than cotton or other materials, keeping you dry during performances and practices.
  • You get more for your money. A sublimated design or print doesn’t fade, peel, crack, or alter after washings.
  • The design or image isn’t layered like screen printing or tackle twill. You can’t even feel the design or image on the item because it is infused within the fabrics.

How do I wash or clean my sublimated garment?

Washing sublimated apparel isn’t too different from washing your standard cheer apparel.

  • Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle or hand wash
  • Dampen any stains with water and a small amount of mild soap or detergent
  • Line or drip dry
  • Avoid contact with Velcro or any other abrasive surfaces
  • Keep your item away from any high or direct heat or flames


  • Dry clean
  • Use bleach
  • Dry in the dryer
  • Iron or steam