C-dri® Performance Fabric

C-dri Moisture-Management Fabric

Performance uniforms, body basics and practice wear from Chassé are made with C-dri® moisture-management fabric, which helps keep athletes cool and dry, even during the most intense workouts and performances.

Chassé performance clothing is specially knit with C-dri fibers, which dry faster and keep moisture away from skin, while retaining their soft and flexible qualities.

Chassé C-dri moisture-management fabric delivers the competitive edge any performer or athlete needs. The fabric combination is designed specifically for the needs of cheerleaders, who need a flexible, comfortable fabric that also has the ability to dry quickly during routines and performances.

How It Works:

C-dri moisture-management fabrics have specially engineered yarn that is woven to let moisture move from the skin through the fabric which helps you be cool and dry, faster and longer than 100% cotton or traditional polyester blends alone. The open weave breathes better than other fabric, helping you stay cooler and dryer. Moisture moves through the fabric, away from skin, where it evaporates into the air. Unlike topically treated fabrics C-dri fabric is permanent, and its moisture-wicking capability never washes away.

Moisture-wicking diagram

Where To Get C-dri Performance Apparel

C-dri moisture-management fabrics are manufactured in Chassé performance wear. Dare to compare with Chassé and shop the complete line of high-quality cheerleading apparel available exclusively through Omni Cheer® and Campus Teamwear®.

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