Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Cheerleaders

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Buying gifts for the cheerleader in your life is actually very simple. No matter if she’s Pop Warner, all-star or anything in between, these gift ideas are sure to hit!


Bows, bows, bows……did I mention bows? No cheerleader will ever have enough bows! They can be a themed bow (candy canes for Christmas, hearts for Valentines etc.) Sparkly, sequined, stripes, tick-tock, short tailed, long tailed- the list and selections are endless. If you are crafty you can even, make your own personalized bow. There are templates and how to videos on the internet.

With all the bows your cheerleader is sure to love the Chassé Bow Pro for the next gift idea. They are a great way to keep your bows neat and tidy with out damaging them. Again, there are ways to make them your own. Using a wooden letter bought at any craft store you can spell their name or just use initials. Decorate and attach the bow holder with hot glue. Fabulous!


Of course, you can do any type of cheer gear. Warm ups, practice wear and don’t forget shoes! No cheerleader will ever say no to cheer gear. We work hard and like to look great while we’re doing it. I love my Chassé HighLytes! These cheer sneakers are a perfect form fit when tumbling. They are nice and light and give support to your feet and ankles. Also, they are a perfect fit when flying! They form right into the bases hands and are comfortable and light on the flyer making it easier to do more fun and intense tricks! If you’re not sure on sizes or colors, shop online with them. Not only is it one on one time with them, you can also get ideas for next time.

With all this cheer gear, how will you ever move it all around? There’s a great solution to that, the Chassé Challenger Backpack that comes with embroidery of the word “CHEER”. This is a perfect gift to any cheerleader and will help in many ways. While going to competitions, showcases, or even practices, this Challenger Backpack will help you transport all of your cheer products to one places to another safely and orderly!

Cheerleaders are proud to be cheerleaders. We say it in everything we do. We shout it from the mountain tops! So, anything that says, “I am a Cheerleader” is awesome. Personalized items mean even more. Let’s face it- when you’re on a squad with 20 other girls wearing the same warm ups or same bags sometimes finding which one is yours is a pain. Personalizing helps a lot. Its also a sense of pride putting on something with YOUR name on it.

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Tamar Mooney

Tamar is a competitive cheerleader for a community cheer squad in New York. She has been a cheerleader since she was five years old and loves performing with her friends and teammates.

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