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Now that the season is coming to an end some of you may be coming to the end of your cheerleading career. However, that doesn’t mean that you want to part from it forever so you have decided to become a cheer coach! This is a great way to stay involved in cheerleading and pass on your expertise and experiences to the next generation of cheerleaders. To prep you for your next adventure, consider the following in order to be the best cheer coach you can be:

1. Athletes look to you for guidance and approval

The most important part of being a coach is to be a mentor for your athletes. When they are struggling be sure to provide them with the proper guidance and encouragement to better themselves. When they master a new skill be the first to congratulate them. They want to know that you are aware of their accomplishments.

2. Stick to your rules (and punishments)

It’s easy to unintentionally go soft on the athletes that you have closer relationships with, but be sure to treat every individual equally and with the same punishments when rules are broken.

3. Come prepared

It is always a good call to come over prepared to practices, performances, and/or games. You always want to maintain a professional presentation and obtain the respect and trust of your athletes as well as their parents.

4. Parents tend to think they know more than you do

There will most likely always be that one parent who constantly confronts you about changes they think should be made. Without being rude or insensitive, remind these parents that you are confident in your decisions and that you hope they can respect them. However if you are looking for some advice or input, feel free to ask them. They will be more than willing to help you out!

5. Remain calm in hectic situations

People, especially younger children, tend to mirror their superiors in hectic situations. If there is an injury during a practice, performance, or game, be sure to take action while keeping a calm demeanor. Especially if everyone else is panicking, having someone who is calm is crucial for resolving the issue.

6. Know when your athletes need a break

It’s important to push your athletes to build endurance and stamina, but you absolutely must know when they need a break. Working passed ones limit can lead to injuries, and as a coach you must avoid that as often as possible.

7. Commend them for their hard work

I mentioned earlier to praise your athletes for their accomplishments, but don’t forget to commend them for their efforts even if the outcome isn’t exactly what you hoped for. No one is anywhere near perfection but anyone who works hard deserves to be praised.

8. People are always watching

The moment you take on a leadership role all eyes are on you, even while you’re not working. To a certain extent people understand that you have your own life to live, but be careful when you are out on the town. It’s always smart to avoid uncomfortable situations as often as possible.

9. Take every safety precaution in the book

It’s essential to take every safety guideline seriously to prevent as many injuries as possible. It helps develop structure for your team and limit the amount of injuries that occur.

10. Enjoy what you’re doing. It rubs off

With so many rules and guidelines it is easy to forget why you decided to become a coach in the first place. Remember to take a moment to remind yourself of how being a coach brings you great joy. When they see that you are enjoying your job it encourages your athletes to not only work harder but also have a good time doing it.

Keep these tips in mind as you begin your role as a cheerleading coach! There are so many rewards to being a cheer coach regardless of your team’s competition success, so be sure to enjoy every minute of it!



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