My First Year At The Summit

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My first year going to Summit was last year when I was on the Cheer Athletics Sassycats. It was a new team but we were already very well known. Because of this, we had to do well to keep up our reputation. We practiced constantly not only for repetition but to improve ourselves as well.

We also came in with a wildcard ,which means we had to compete all three days. The first day was the most stressful because if we didn’t do well we couldn’t compete the rest of the days. That would mean that all of our hard work would have been for nothing. We ended up placing first on day one and we were so happy that we were being given the chance to compete and move on 2 more times. We had multiple seniors on the team so most of us wanted to do good not only to win but to win for them since it was there last year.

Going into day one of the actual competition we were nervous because our biggest competitors were also competing. After we competed I had a really good feeling about our performance even though we did have a mistake. After that we all  hung out with each other for the rest of the day. It’s great to know that we were a family even outside of practice and competitions. It makes everything that much better and more meaningful.

For the final day we were pumped but also very sad because we knew this was our last time competing together. But that just made us push to the best, have great technique, and just have fun!  After competing, we all were so emotion because no matter what happens we were so proud of each other. Even though we came in second place, we had so much fun and became even closer as a team. I’m so happy that I got to be apart of the Summit experience with my cheer family.


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Makentry Hinkle

This Texas cheerleader, Makentry, has been cheering for nine years. She is currently an all-star cheerleader for Cheer Athletics Cheetahs, and her favorite thing about being a cheerleader is the bond that she has created with her teammates.

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