Introducing the Chassé® HighLyte Shoe

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We are happy to announce one of our new shoes for the 2016 season, the Chassé HighLyte shoe! This shoe not only features a sleek and professional look, it also provides the ultimate level of support and comfort for cheerleaders. This is sure to be the go-to shoe of the season that you will not want to miss out on!

With its lightweight and breathable fabric you will find yourself effortlessly nailing your tumbling passes. And because of its unique Tri-Knit™ performance technology, the fabric in the one-of-a-kind shoe will let your foot breathe throughout your high intensity practices and performances.

To maintain a light weight of only 4.6oz, the Chassé HighLyte is designed for indoor use only. We recommend to only use these shoes for indoor performances and practices, and to change into other shoes whenever walking outside or on harsh surfaces.

Click here to learn even more about this shoe and how to care for it!


Safety should be every cheerleader, coach, and parents number one concern. Fully examining your practice wear, uniforms, and shoes should be a high priority, and will require research to be done before every purchase. Because cheerleading is an extremely physical sport, having the proper gear is essential to avoid injuries. For cheer shoes specifically, there are a  few key features to look for in a shoe.

1. Flexibility

Cheer shoes need to be flexible in order to allow cheerleaders to freely move from a stunt, to a tumbling pass, and then to their dance section with ease. Feeling light on your feet is important during a cheer routine because you will need every ounce of energy possible to get through your performance.

2. Comfortable Insole

Because cheerleaders can be on their feet for hours and hours, it is crucial to have shoes with inner support and cushioning. Cheer shoes need to support the arch of our foot and your ankle in order to allow you to perform at your fullest potential. Wearing proper cheer shoes with the proper insoles will not only benefit your feet while wearing them, but you’ll be less likely to have foot pain after practices and performances.

3. Lightweight or Sturdy

For cheerleading types that require a lot of indoor tumbling and stunting, it is best to wear cheer shoes that are constructed with lightweight fabric. It not only benefits your movement on the mat, but the weight that the bases have to hold when performing a stunt. For cheerleading types that perform mostly outdoors, having a sturdy shoe is best to hold up against harsh surfaces.

Now with these three tips you are ready to start your journey on finding the right shoe for you! And to make your experience that much easier, be sure to look for cleaning and care tips for the shoes that you purchase in order to be able to care for your cheer shoes in the best way possible.

Ready to shop? Visit our preferred retailer Omni Cheer for the lowest prices on this incredible shoe.

To check out all of our new shoes this season, visit us here!

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  1. Kayleyne oisten

    September 22, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    What is the material make of the top of the Chasse Highlyte shoe? Is it polyester, cotton, what blends?

    • Chassé

      September 28, 2016 at 8:23 am

      Hi Kayleyne!

      The Chassé HighLyte shoe is made with Tri-Knit™ technology that is woven to provide a seamlessly stitched pattern. For more info about the Chassé HighLyte shoe please reach visit http://www.chassecheer.com/highlyte/ or reach out to our team at 1.800.299.7822.

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