Creating Your Holiday Wish List

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It’s that time of the year again! Pumpkins, orange and red leaves, lower temperatures…Yes, it’s fall time! November and December are the most important parts of the year for many cheerleaders. Why, you might ask? Thanksgiving and Christmas are finally here! Along with those fun holidays come football games, and the drastic temperature drop that accompanies it.

It’s never too early to start writing out a wish list! The more you write down what you wish for, the more you will know about yourself! You can see how you grow as a person based on what you want, and what you know you need.

You may WANT that cute pair of Chassé ultimate shorts and a matching Chassé cheer tank that was on Instagram, but actually need a new pair of cheer shoes for the rest of season—prioritize what’s most important in your cheer career! Don’t neglect your needs while you’re focused on your wants.

With Christmas being only a few months away, many cheerleaders may have already started writing out their wish lists, filled with cheer bows and cheer clothes.

One thing that is essential to a cheerleader’s wardrobe is weather-appropriate clothes! Spandex shorts and a tank tops may be ideal for summer practices and performances, but winter cheer apparel is a whole other thing!

Warmup jackets and pants are absolutely, most definitely essential during the fall and winter seasons! The temperatures can go as low as 30-40 degrees, and an added amount of cold if it rains when cheering on the sidelines—make sure you’re covered with one of Chassé’s many warmup sets! They’ll keep you warm and comfortable when you’re cheering on the sidelines!

Along with that, you’ll also need great cheer shoes to withstand the tracks harsh surface, which is way different from cheer mats. Make sure you and your team are in reliable, durable shoes—Chassé has many options for any type of team!

Overall, having the right type of cheer apparel for the approaching season(s) is important…So don’t forget to mention long sleeves and pants in your cheer wish list this year!

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Dani Luckett

Dani is an Illinois native and just recently began her career as a cheerleader. She has quickly come to love all aspects of cheerleading and is a member of the the Kaos Bulldogs, a recreational team that participates in sideline and competitive cheer. She loves learning new choreography and performing her routines at cheer competitions.

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