What NOT To Do At Cheer Tryouts

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April is a very exciting month for many. It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the school year which also means tryouts for many cheerleaders. I, myself, am preparing for high school cheer tryouts and am working hard and practicing for the big moment. It is an exciting time but also nerve-racking. There are some tips you should follow to help you when it comes to tryouts.

Don’t Be Late
It is important to make sure you are not late to practice. Being on time will show how seriously you are taking tryouts and this will show the judges how dedicated you are to the team.

Don’t Wear Inappropriate Attire
It’s important to not show up in attire that isn’t appropriate for practice. It is good to make sure you are wearing clothing with flexible fabric such as cotton or spandex shorts, leggings, etc. instead of clothing such as jeans and flowy shirts. Also, make sure to not forget your cheer shoes.

Don’t be a Poor Sport
Never be rude or disrespectful to other girls trying out and never be rude towards the coaches and judges. It is important to be kind to everyone you meet and cheer tryouts are no exception when it comes to being respectful and kind toward others.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your True Self
Don’t be shy during tryouts. Having spirit and smiling are key components to being a cheerleader. One of the most important things you shouldn’t do at tryouts is be shy or nervous. Never let nerves get the best of you. While tryouts can be kind of scary, it is important to not let your nerves show. Never let your nerves hold you back from being the best you that you can be. Just go out there, be yourself, give it your all, cheer your heart out and things will be just fine. Good luck to anyone who will be trying out for cheer soon!

What are your tips for tryouts? Please share them with us!

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Gracie Nelson

Gracie Nelson has been cheering for the Paso Robles Bearcats for 8 years. Cheerleading is one of her favorite things and she is so thankful to be apart of such a wonderful and uplifting sport.

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