It’s Never Too Early To Be Thinking About Tryouts!

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It is never too early to plan ahead, especially when it comes to cheerleading tryouts.  I am a junior in high school and I’m already looking into college tryouts.  I have a year and a half until it is even time to tryout, but I would rather be early and ready than not.  Setting goals is a big part of planning ahead.  You need to have something in mind for what you want to achieve, that way you know what you should stretch or work on.  Each year I set a new goal. For this past year my goal was to perfect my heel stretch and round off toe touch.  For tryouts I had the round off toe touch but not the heel stretch, and for next year I want a bow and arrow since I recently got my heel stretch.  If you check out my Facebook page you can find pictures of it.

For college I need to get a back hand spring.  All I have for tumbling is a cartwheel, round off, and one hand cartwheel.  So as you can see I have a goal and I’m going to have to work hard to achieve it.  If you want to set a tumbling goal then you might want to find a tumbling gym and see if they offer private lessons.  Save your money up and take the classes, but if you have any fears of tumbling you’ll have to get passed them. If you have a stunting goal you will have to ask a couple of cheerleading friends to help.  Sometimes colleges have stunting clinics you can attend to help.

Time is a big part of practicing.  If you don’t make time or you wait till the last minute there is a big chance tryouts won’t go well.  You may be a good cheerleader, but practice could make you better. If you need some more tips or if you have a question post on my Facebook or leave a comment below. I’m always willing to help where I can.

P.S. Smile big and do your best.  I believe in you!

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Haley Caulfield

Haley Caulfield is 16 years of age and has been a cheerleader for 8 years. She has been a member of football cheer, basketball cheer, and competition cheer. She brings us her cheerleading experience as a flyer and hopes to give great advice to all cheerleaders.

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