The Nerves We Get at Cheer Tryouts

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Everyone is always nervous at cheer tryouts even if it is just a little bit, no matter what kinda of cheer team. I know I’m always really really nervous at tryouts. Even if I’d already been on the team or everyone is telling me I’ll make it, I get nervous. Maybe you’re going to a new school and you moved to a new area you don’t know anyone and that’s what makes you nervous. Just be you’re self make friends as long as your you, you’ve got nothing to lose.


Not the case? Maybe you’ve never been a cheerleader before and your nervous because you have no clue what a back handspring is or a cradle basically you have no clue what your are doing. Don’t be scared to ask questions. I ask a bunch of questions all the time and I’ve been a cheerleader for four years now! My advice to you is to smile and always point your toes.


When I tried out for fall basketball I was super nervous even though I’d already been on the team and everyone on the squad told me that I’d make it, there was that voice in the back of my head that said you’re not going to make it. You must be confident and look confident. Being a cheerleader means showing that your are always confident. If you’re confident in yourself and the judges can see that I bet you’ll make the team, just like I did. I love cheer, and if I didn’t tryout because I was nervous then I wouldn’t know what I’m capable of. Try your best, work super hard, stretch all the time, and big smiles. Joining a team is great if you’re not a cheerleader why not be one?

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Danielle Campbell

Danielle is a cheerleader from Missouri and has been cheering for four years. Her favorite thing about the sport is flying, cradling, and having a great time with her teammates and coaches.

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