Lessons Learned From Cheer Tryouts

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Whether you have just finished your cheer tryouts for the new season or are preparing for them now, tryout season is an exciting time! Although tryouts are super fun, they are also crucial and important. It’s a great time for you to receive feedback from coaches and show them how well you can take positive feedback. Yes, coaches are definitely looking for this! Feedback is also a great opportunity not only to impress the coaches, but to improve yourself.

So, how exactly do you improve your cheer skills just off of feedback at tryouts? Easy! Really listen to what the coaches are saying to you. Don’t let it get you down; they’re only trying to help you and their feedback isn’t telling you what you’re doing wrong, but how you can make your skill even better. Along with listening to what they’re saying and keeping an open mind, practice the skill with that feedback fresh in your mind. For example, if you throw your back handspring at tryouts and the coaches praise you, tell you good job but then give you constructive criticism to keep your ankles together, go and work on that specifically the next chance you get. Furthermore, anytime a coach gives you constructive criticism and you go to improve on it, always remind yourself of what that feedback was, what it is that you need to do in order to improve.

Now that you know how to use constructive criticism from coaches at tryouts to improve yourself, you’re probably wondering how exactly you’re supposed to take this feedback when it’s given to you. This, too, is pretty simple. Like I said earlier, give the coach your undivided attention and listen fully. Take whatever is said in a positive way and remind yourself it’s said to help you. Acknowledge the feedback given and say thank you. If you’re a bit confused on what the coach said to you, ask for clarification on what they mean and how you can work to improve and fix your skill.

Good luck at tryouts to everyone!

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Alyssa McDermott

This Florida native is a current all-star cheerleader for Brandon All Stars Senior Slate. Alyssa has been a cheerleader since age three and her favorite aspect of cheerleading is performing. She enjoys going out on the mat in front of a huge crowd and making them smile. Alyssa hopes that as she gets older, she can be a role model for younger cheerleaders.

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