Before, During, and After Cheer Tryouts

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The time before, during, and after cheerleading tryouts can be a very emotional time! You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are and it all comes down to how you perform at your tryout! Check out a few tweets from cheerleaders during this exciting and emotional time:


The time leading up to cheer tryouts can be super stressful! You want to do the best that you possibly can, and that can put on a lot of pressure.

However, sometimes we can’t help but think about how this special occasion makes everyday life a little bit better!


While you are at cheer tryouts you are full of excitement, but it does tend to make you nervous.



Now that your tryout is over, you cannot handle sitting around waiting to hear whether or not you made them team.

But once you hear the results (and make the team) you are so relieved!

Even if you don’t make the team you were hoping for you are that much closer to reaching your goal. Ask the judges for feedback and advice on what you need to improve on to increase your chances of making the team next year!

After working so hard, regardless of the outcome, you should be proud of all that you have accomplished. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming season!

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