5 Tips for Cheerleading Tryouts

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So you’ve decided to try out for your school’s cheering squad or even an all-star team? Check out the top five things every potential cheerleader should remember when it’s time for tryouts!

#1: The Three P’s

Practice, Prepare, Perform! That’s right, these are probably the most important things you can do to feel ready for tryouts. Practice perfecting your jumps, tumbling and even chants, cheers and dances that you know are unique to the squad. If you have never cheered before, talk to someone who was on the squad last year and see if they will practice with you. That way, you may find out some special tips and tricks to making the squad, feel more prepared and will already have made a friend on the team. When it’s time for tryouts, perform your heart out and your love for the sport will show through.

#2: Be on Time

Coaches love when everyone shows up on time to practice! This includes any potential cheerleaders who are looking to make the squad. By showing up on time, you will not only show how dedicated you already are but also get in some valuable stretching before all the fun begins!

#3 Dress Appropriately

Wearing the right outfit is not so much about showing off the latest in cheer fashion, but more about being able to move correctly and have the coaches correct team lines or formations. It’s a safe bet to plan on wearing darker, tight fitting attire and supportive cheer shoes so that you can make the most out of your time on the mat.

#4 Attitude

A positive attitude is key! Coaches look for cheerleaders who are willing to try a new stunt or dance sequence and encourage their teammates even when there is a difficult move to master. Starting practice with a smile may be all someone else needs if they are having a rough day.

#5 Showing Good Sportsmanship

When you are a cheerleader, you are a member of a team. That means that you show your support when and if you make the team to all the cheerleaders and whomever they cheer for. Chances are, if you didn’t make the team the first time and decide to go out for the squad again, the coaches will remember how supportive you were and consider you an asset to the team!

Whether or not you make the team, try outs are always a learning process. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make the team the first time. Just by trying out and meeting new people, you’ve already accomplished so much!

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Jessica Gauthier-Simpson

Jessica is a proud Cheer Mom to her three All Star daughters. She is a full-time educator and event planner who divides her time daily between running her daughters to school, dance and two different cheer gyms. When she is not listening to cheer music or spending time with her girls, Jess likes to relax with her husband, family and friends.


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