Maddie’s Commitment To Cheerleading

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Current collegiate cheerleader Maddie Gardner continues to be an incredible example for all cheerleaders across the globe. Her passion for cheerleading as well as her dedication to her professional career is something that we all hope to have in our own lives.

In this new video interview with Maddie Gardner she discusses how her commitment to cheerleading is what ultimately has made her the person, and athlete, that she is today.

Maddie discusses how there are so many elements of cheerleading that you have to be committed to in order to succeed. The physical commitment involves dedicating time to exercise, building endurance, and practicing and perfecting your cheerleading skills. The mental commitment involves developing a positive mindset and not letting any fears, setbacks, or negativity affect your success as a cheerleader. The emotional commitment is when you basically commit the majority of your life to cheerleading. You create unique bonds with your teammates and coaches that ultimately makes everything that you are working towards that much more special. And of course, all of these commitments combined become a huge time commitment in a cheerleader’s life. You have to be willing to make sacrifices at a young age that not every child has to, and missing a friends birthday party because of a cheer practice or competition is something that occurs more than you’d hope.

But in the end, your commitment to cheerleading pays off. All of the hard work and long practices result in some of the most amazing memories that you would never want to change.

Commitment and confidence are two huge aspects of cheerleading, and now that we have heard from Maddie we want to hear from you!

If you have a story about your commitment to cheerleading or how it has helped you build confidence, share it with us! Comment on this article or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

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