Chassé Athletes in CheerLiving® Magazine!

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We are so excited to announce the feature of the 2015 Chassé Athletes in the 10th issue of CheerLiving Magazine! In this issue you will find info about each Chassé Athlete, our message and purpose of the Chassé Athletes, as well as some awesome shots of the Athletes in action!

All of us at Chassé are thrilled to work with such a great group of cheerleaders and are beyond excited that they are being recognized in CheerLiving. It is our goal to spread the word that cheerleaders are one of the hardest working and most dedicated groups of athletes no matter what stereotypes or misconceptions are thrown their way. It is our responsibility as supporters of cheerleaders to continue to acknowledge their efforts and praise them for their victories in order for others to see their accomplishments for what they truly are.

This issue of CheerLiving Magazine also features articles written by  cheerleaders, coaches, and mentors about how to top sabotaging your competition score, cheer makeup tips for the winter season, and how to overcome negativity in the new year. You can also find great cheer gift ideas for under $25! This is a great resource for cheerleaders, coaches, and parents!

Take a look at this fun sneak peak video of the magazine!

We are proud to partner with CheerLiving Magazine and encourage you to subscribe! They provide incredible resources for cheerleaders to prepare for cheer tryouts, summer camp, competitions, and practice. It is a great way for new and experienced cheerleaders to better understand how they can improve themselves and their teams.

The 10th issue of CheerLiving Magazine is DIGITAL only. To read this issue, be sure to subscribe FOR FREE at for instant access to all 10 issues!

For more info about CheerLiving visit their website or follow them on Facebook!

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