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Are you a current cheerleader who is passionate about cheerleading? Do you enjoy writing blog articles, making videos, and posting on social media? If so, then you should apply to become a 2017 Chassé Athlete! Join a group of cheerleaders whose goal is to spread the word that cheerleaders are dedicated and talented athletes! The Athletes program is our way of getting real cheerleaders involved in supporting, and spreading awareness about, this cause, and encouraging others to do the same.

In order to be eligible for the 2017 Chassé Athletes Program you must be at least 13 years old, a current female cheerleader, be active on social media, and have a current U.S. mailing address.

Are you wondering what cheerleaders think of the program? Check out some feedback from a few of the 2016 Chassé Athletes:

“My favorite part of this program was definitely the new friends I got to meet through it that was awesome!” – Valerie Adams

“I really enjoyed making videos and blogs because it was really cool to see my work on the Chassé social media sites!” – Karson Swim

We are so excited to continue to grow our Chassé family and would love for you to join us! The Chassé  Athletes Program is an incredible opportunity for cheerleaders to make new connections, share their passion for cheerleading, and learn how to reach out to an audience through social media.

We don’t want you to miss this opportunity, so be sure to apply now at You can apply online, by email or by mail.

Visit the Chassé Athletes FAQ if you have any additional questions about the program. Good luck to all of you who apply!


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