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For as far back as we can remember, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not cheerleading should be considered an athletic sport. Although there are still many different opinions on the matter, there is no denying that cheerleading takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to your team. Take a look at the video below that discusses how cheerleaders are athletes and are breaking these stereotypes one tumbling pass at a time!

Cheerleading has evolved tremendously over the past decade with its large expansion in all-star cheerleading and the development of the new sport, stunt. Cheerleading is so special because it caters to athletes of all levels and interests, and allows for its members to learn and grow within their skill set. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of cheerleading out there today!

Recreational Cheer

Recreational cheer is a great option for younger cheerleaders who have never been on a cheerleading team before. This allows them to warm up to the idea of performing in front of crowds at local youth football games and also see if they even enjoy the cheers and routines that they are performing! Many recreational cheer teams also take part in community events and fundraisers for their teams and organizations within their communities. Recreational cheer is a great source of community for young cheerleaders and can lead to many other opportunities!

Sideline Cheer

Sideline cheerleading is typically what you find in middle schools and high schools. This type of cheerleading offers all that recreational cheerleading provides with a few added bonuses! Aside from the crowds at high school football games typically being louder and more involved, you get to participate in school events like Homecoming, pep rallies/assemblies and many other sporting events. Cheering for your classmates is extremely rewarding and allows you to showcase your school spirit and encourage your peers to do the same!

All-Star Cheer

All-star cheerleading made a huge impact on the cheerleading community because it introduced the idea of a year-round competitive cheerleading activity. It has developed into this world-wide craze that brings teams from different cheer gyms together to compete and perform their two-and-a-half minute routines. These competitions range from city and state wide to regional and national events, some of which lead to the world-wide competitions at the end of the season. The popularity from all-star cheer has also created cheerleading celebrities like the Chassé Spokesperson, Maddie Gardner who have paved the way for other cheerleaders to follow. This type of cheerleading focuses on the tumbling and stunting aspects of cheerleading with six levels of teams based on their skills and number of members. The development of all-star cheer is what caused even more people to fight for cheerleading to be a considered a sport.


Stunt is the most recent development in cheerleading and is actually deemed a sport. It focuses on the athletic and technical side of cheerleading and showcases two teams at once performing the same stunts, tumbling, and jumps. This new sport is the furthest removed from what cheerleader originally was, but offers a new opportunity to athletes who enjoy the stunting, tumbling, and competition that cheerleading offers without having to act as a crowd leader on the sidelines.

All of these different styles of cheerleading are proof that it has evolved tremendously over the years. It continues to provide opportunity for young athletes with its ability to teach them about teamwork, commitment, and perseverance. Cheerleading has also offered many of its athletes scholarship opportunities for college as well as career opportunities in coaching, choreography, and so much more.

Have you overcome a cheerleading stereotype? If so, we want to hear about it! Here at Chassé we are striving to bring light to the many stereotypes that surround cheerleading in hopes of putting an end to them once and for all. Help us accomplish our goal by sharing this article and video with your friends to spread the word about how beneficial cheerleading really is. Leave a comment on this video or find us on Facebook and Twitter and SHARE YOUR STORIES.

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1 Comment

  1. Laura Duclau

    October 16, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    I can completely relate to this. So many people disregard cheerleading as a sport, and completely disregard the sport as anything more than just trashy, dumb girls looking for attention. It wasn’t until I had to get two total shoulder reconstructions from being a base that people began to respect cheerleading as not only dangerous, but complex and athletic. Why do you think it is so hard for people to let go of these negative connotations? Although the sport is ever changing and evolving, people still seem to look past it. No dust on gymnastics, but what makes gymnasts athletes and not cheerleaders? Why can’t cheerleading be in the olympics yet cheerleaders compete at Worlds each year?

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