An Untrue Cheerleading Stereotype

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Cheerleading stereotypes have had a major impact on how people perceive cheerleaders. Thanks to Hollywood, cheerleaders have been depicted as the dumb and ditzy popular girls who don’t care about anything but cheerleading and their quarterback boyfriends. Even though there is nothing wrong about caring for those things, no two cheerleaders are the same.

Check out the video below to see what Maddie Gardner has to say about the stereotype that cheerleaders are clueless.

Instead of focusing on the negative stereotypes that still surround cheerleading, let’s focus on all that cheerleading has to offer! Like all other sports, cheerleading teaches many lessons beyond stunting, tumbling, and dancing. It teaches cheerleaders about time management, teamwork, and setting and reaching your goals.

Being able to delegate time for your schoolwork, your family, and your extracurricular activities takes a lot of work. Having an added activity like cheerleading helps you learn to balance all of the different aspects of your life by teaching you to plan ahead, never procrastinate, and always enjoy everything that you do.

Cheerleading also is a great way to introduce the idea of teamwork. It helps cheerleaders learn to build relationships with their peers and learn that working together as a collective group will take you much further in life that doing things on your own. This a great lesson that not everyone experiences at a young age because of its impact later on in our lives.

Another benefit of cheerleading is its ability to introduce the idea of setting and achieving your goals. Whether or not you are on a competitive cheer team, cheerleading goals can be set based on many aspects other than winning. First, making the cheer team is a great goal to set. Making an effort to learn the cheers, come prepared, and perform in front of the judges is a huge accomplishment. Learning how to feel comfortable in high stress situations is an incredible skill to have. Setting personal goals, whether it be accomplishing a new skill or becoming team captain are also very important experiences to go through at a young age and can contribute to your self esteem as you enter your future.

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