Amber’s Success As A Flyer

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People are amazed by the stunts and tumbling tricks that cheerleaders perform, but what people do not always realize is that even though it may look effortless, these tricks take a lot of practice and focus by cheerleaders to make them look as incredible as they do.

Amber Pellegrini is an incredible flyer and has spent many hours practicing and perfecting her skills. Check out her full interview below to hear how she has reached her cheerleading goals.

Amber discusses how being dedicated to your sport outside of your team practices is how the best of the best get to where they are today. Being so dedicated will only pay off in your overall performance and increase your chances of reaching the level of perfection you have been striving for.

She also talks about how even though she is a strong flyer, she doesn’t feel as confident when it comes to tumbling. However, Amber does not let her fears stand in the way of her reaching her goals. She knows that in this area of cheerleading she needs a little more practice, so she commits herself to extra practice and preparation before tumbling.

Being committed to your sport is the only way to overcome your fears and ultimately reach your goals. It will not always (or ever) be easy, but recognizing the challenge ahead and keeping your end goal in mind is the only way to get to where you want to be.

Now that we have heard from Amber we want to hear from you! It is important for all types of cheerleaders to share their experiences so we can all learn from each other. If you have a story about your commitment to cheerleading, SHARE IT WITH US!

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