Why Warming Up is Important for Cheerleaders

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Warming up is of dire importance within any sport involving physical activity, and cheerleading is not exempt. When attempting to function at 100% without the proper warm up, an athlete can risk injury as muscles strain to perform but eventually work too hard and can be pulled or risk worse injury. Not warming up can cause a pulled muscle or even a broken bone due to too much stress upon your body too quickly. This would be detrimental within your season as you would have to take time off and your team would be held back due to your incompetence.

This would also make it hard for you to recover and return to the same level you were at before and may cause you a mental block as you are now fearful of injury. Warming up allows your body to calibrate and prepare for the upcoming physical strain, and allows time for your muscles to warm up and be prepared fro the physical activity ahead. Not only that, but warming up allows your mind to mentally prepare for the practice ahead of you and all in all helps align your mind and body to perform at ultimate efficiency. This also helps before a performance as you are allowed time to go over the routine in your head so you are prepared for what is to come. This can help calm the nerves you may have, and may better your performance as a whole.

By warming up, you are benefited, as well as your entire team as all of you can go over and prepare for whatever is ahead mentally and physically. In turn, you may hit zero on the mat, or even hit a perfect practice in which your skills can grow exponentially. Regardless of the outcome, warming up is crucial within any form of athletics as it better prepares you and also helps your team as a whole come together and get to your goal. It is far better to warm up before a practice as to better your team’s performance as well as protect you from injury.


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Carolyn Bokinskie

Carolyn is a Truckee High School cheerleader from California. What she enjoys most about cheerleading is the jumping and tumbling aspects that make the sport so challenging and fun.

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