Why Warming Up Is A Must

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Stretching and warming up is a big part of cheerleading. It may not always be fun, but you need to do it. Stretching can make a huge difference with your jumps and prevent you from being sore the next morning.

Warming up makes a big difference when it comes to performing your best. You should always warm up your jumps before trying to do a toe touch on a competition floor, a gym court, or even a football field. Warming up can make your toe touch go up at least a couple inches which can make a world of difference. Always warm up your stunts before trying to do them for starting line up. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way. Me and my stunt group pulled a stunt out of the air before a game one day. We should have warmed it up at practice before even trying it, but we didn’t and it resulted in me injuring my already hurt knee. Luckily my back spot caught me, but it could’ve been prevented altogether if we would have warmed up first.

Stretching is also an important thing to do because it can save you from so much pain the day after a hard practice or performance. There are many remedies to that are helpful after an injury occurs, but stretching can help prevent these things from happening at all. It will help make sure your muscles don’t tighten up and can make you more flexible, which is really important as a cheerleader. The more you stretch the higher your jumps can be. You must put as much effort in what you do to get the best possible outcome. Long hours of stretching before and after practice can improve your heel stretch, scorpion, and even your needle.

Keep stretching and keep warming up. I promise it makes a big difference not only in the long run, but you might even see results just after a few days. Smile big, work hard, and make sure you try your best.

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Haley Caulfield

Haley Caulfield is 16 years of age and has been a cheerleader for 8 years. She has been a member of football cheer, basketball cheer, and competition cheer. She brings us her cheerleading experience as a flyer and hopes to give great advice to all cheerleaders.

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