Why I Love Cheer

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I enjoy cheer because I have another family at the gym. They have always been there for me! I love spending time at the gym, and working hard. I enjoy working on tumbling and going to extra tumbling classes. This year I have improved because I work hard.  I have been taking flight and tumbling classes and I stretch at home to improve my flexibility, nightly. Cheer helps me stay positive and grateful for what I have. I want to inspire people to be positive, and to not give up and to work hard for what you want! Like better tumbling or jumps, and flying.

I personally think I have improved the most in my tumbling and flying. I recently got my double on the floor and am working on landing it consistently. I want to get it solid! I have also improved on my flexibility. I have my needle in the air, which is really exciting for me. I hope to continue to improve in all my skills. I also feel that supportive teammates and coaches have played a huge role in my success.  Without their support I don’t feel I would have improved as much as I have. We all cheer and yell for each other during practice and at competition.

I feel that team work and my team’s enthusiasm has helped and me pushed me when I might have been having a bad day and wanted to give up! Our team’s hard work has paid off this year!  We have one first place in all of our competitions this year and second at NCA.  We also got a Summit bid at NCA!  My teammates and I will continue to push and work hard to win The Summit. My team is like my family! I can not wait to go to the Summit with my teammates. We will plan to do our best!

This next year I really want to focus on cheer and being grateful.

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Bella Diebolt

Bella is an all-star cheerleader from Texas. What she enjoys most about cheerleading is being with her friends, the adrenaline she gets before a performance, and winning (and even losing) with her team.

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