Where Did The Time Go?

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I am about to start my final year of high school cheerleading, and possibly my last year of cheerleading in general. I have so many goals planned and I hope to leave the squad with a bang. I’m determined to help be a supportive teammate and be the best squad my school has ever seen. I want to leave those little girls in the stands begging their parents to let them be cheerleaders when they get older. I want to be that role model little girls look up to. That’s my main goal.

You always see that one little girl who stands up in the bleachers copying the cheers. She smiles and tries her best to get your attention. They go to almost every home game and watch you. They want to be like you. They don’t want to wear a tiara, they want to wear a bow. Those little girls are one of the main reasons I cheer. Being a role model has always been a big goal for me. I had my cheer role models when I was growing up and I remember wanting to do exactly what they could do. My senior year I want to make sure I’m a role model that little girls and boys will look up to. And their parents will approve of me.

One of my other goals is to get a back hand spring. I have been working hard to achieve one for quite some time now, but now I have the power to get it. I’ve been preparing myself mentally and physically for the challenge. To some it’s nothing, but to me it’s like climbing the tallest mountain. I taught myself how to do a round off and cartwheel, but I realized that I do need help from others to achieve my back hand spring. This has thrown me off because I like to teach myself, but I have decided that nothing will stop me from actually being able to tumble.

Stunting is my favorite thing about cheer. Whether you stick it or fall flat on your butt, you are the one that everyone is watching. I want to get a full down and have it more than once, I want my heel stretch, my scorpion, and a kick twist. I want to be the best out there. With a lot of hard work and dedication I believe that I will be able to accomplish my goals.

I believe that negativity can make a stunt fall faster than an untied shoe lace. My goal is to stay positive no matter what. I will stick my stunts no matter how long it takes me to get them perfect and no matter how many times I fall.

I will achieve my goals. I won’t let anything get in my way.


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Haley Caulfield

Haley Caulfield is 16 years of age and has been a cheerleader for 8 years. She has been a member of football cheer, basketball cheer, and competition cheer. She brings us her cheerleading experience as a flyer and hopes to give great advice to all cheerleaders.

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