Tumbling Goals For Next Season

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Yikes! I can’t believe that it is that time of year already! I just received my team assignment for the season, and once again I am going to be on Wi5h, our international level 5 team. I am so excited but also nervous as well. My flying skills are solid level 5, my tumbling however is not, so I am making some tumbling goals for myself.

First, I need to have an honest assessment of my current skills. There is no better person to give me the honest truth than my older sister (a former high school and all star cheerleader and now cheers at WPI) who tells it like it is. I plan to print out both the basic and elite tumbling skills required for levels 3-5. My sister will watch me “attempt” each skill and then mark it as secure, progressing or not at all. I will also ask her to kindly provide advice of specific areas that she thinks needs to be improved on. After we look at the skills assessment I will create a realistic plan to reach these goals by my first competition of the season in December.

Reflecting on this past season, I can speculate that a skill that needs special attention this season is my layout. I have it down on the trampoline and with a spotter but I am determined to master this skill on my own (hopefully before the end of the summer). In order to achieve this, I have enrolled in private tumbling classes with an expert, and my parents are purchasing a tumble track for the yard so I can extend my practice time beyond the gym. In addition to that I am eager to extend my tumbling skills to include twisting (fulls/doubles). I have worked tremendously hard to accomplish these skills in the air while flying, so it is time to hit these skills on the floor as well.

By creating a goal, outlining the approach I plan to take and how I will monitor my progress will all play a part towards me achieving these goals. I know whatever I put my mind to, with a solid plan and determination I will be successful. Stay tuned for updates on my goals and progress.

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Amanda Blanchard

Amanda is a 13 year-old cheerleader from Massachusetts. She started cheering when she was only 9 years old and is currently on 2 all-star teams. Amanda's favorite part of cheerleading is the friends she has made from her gym that have become like her family.

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