Tips for Cheering at Basketball Games

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The end of football season for cheerleading mean one of three things; you either are no longer cheering, you’re now a competitive cheerleader, or you’re going into basketball season. Basketball cheerleading can be one of the most exciting and beneficial seasons of your cheerleading career! Basketball is faster paced than Football and the ball gets turned over way quicker and because of this, you finally get to perform the graceful transitions from offense cheers to defense cheers and vice versa. Basketball cheerleading can be the most beneficial season for cheerleaders but the best way to prepare for it is to learn how to make the most of your season:

1) Learn your Halftime Routines as soon as possible! If you’re a team that learns one routine and performs it every week or a team that is okay with learning multiple routines all at once, then learn your halftime routines first and with plenty of time to perfect it. If there’s too many routines to learn in too short of a time, then your best plan will be to learn as many as your sideline cheers as soon as possible and then spend a couple minutes during practice reviewing and cleaning them up and then spend the rest of your time learning your halftime routines.

2) Sideline cheers should be just as loud and sharp as when you are on the track at a football game or on a mat! It seems like the crowd would be able to hear the cheerleaders much better with how close they’re standing to the crowd, but in all reality, with the noise and buzzers, it can be hard to make out what the specific words in cheers are. It’s important for cheerleaders to have sharp, distinct words and loud voices so that the crowd knows when they should cheer along and that the words will be obvious for them to join in if they want. And with the crowd so much closer, mistakes in motions will be much more obvious. The crowd will definitely now notice the bent elbows and sloppy motions. Motions will need to be cleaned up and made sharper so that everyone is on the same timing.

3) Crowd participation is a must! The key to a great sidelines and a dazzling performance is to involve the crowd. Not only will the crowd enjoy it, but in a halftime routine, it can help the cheerleaders take a quick breath while the crowd is responding. Getting the crowd to participate will pep them up and the Basketball players!

Basketball season is a great opportunity for every cheerleader to experience! And with these few tips, it’s bound to be an amazing season for both the cheerleaders, the basketball players, and the crowd!

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Maddie Hibbs

High school varsity cheerleader Maddie has been a cheerleader since age five. She currently cheers on the Dexter Varsity Sideline Cheer team and enjoys making the crowds happy. Maddie is passionate about being involved in the community and giving back with her cheer team.

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