The Importance of Commitment in Cheerleading

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Cheerleading may seem like a group of individuals who come together to perform jumps, cheers and stunts but, it is actually a team sport. All cheerleaders are expected to commit to being at assigned practices and games but all-star squads in particular have a different level of commitment that is expected. Since the season for an all-star cheerleader is twelve months long, the time and dedication it takes to be part of a highly competitive squad is a challenge for some cheerleaders and their families. Without the commitment from every single cheerleader on an All Star squad to work together for a single goal, like gaining a bid to Nationals or Worlds, a team most likely will fall short in their efforts. However, when a team, coaches and parents work together to create a positive experience, the effort shows on the mat!

The Cheerleaders Commitment

For the all-star cheerleader, it may look to the outside world as if your life is spent at the gym. The phrase, “I can’t, I have cheerleading”, totally rings true! You practice probably three to five times a week for close to ten hours or more trying to coordinate stunts, tumbling sequences and dances until it looks like every squad member could do it in their sleep. In addition to summer practices, choreography camps, fundraising events and tumbling classes, you most likely have to balance school work and any other activities you do outside of cheering! Your commitment to your sport is nothing short of amazing. Once competition season starts, the expectations are raised even more with additional practices that are mandatory and traveling to competitions. It takes a strong person to have this type of dedication to their team and to increasing their cheer abilities. So, how do you keep your focus on those days when it seems you are the only one who shows up for practice or your pyramid keeps falling over and over again? Well, think back to tryouts and the reason why you wanted to join more than anything in the world. Was it just because a friend joined or did you want to be part of something more and contribute to making a team even more successful? Also, if you know the goals your coach has for your team, it will make it easier to focus and work towards that goal when those difficult days do happen. Your dedication and positive attitude can be a total inspiration for the other squad members too. Whether you are a rec, school, Pop Warner or All Star cheerleader, be that role model that inspires the others around you to give their all!

The Parents Commitment

Cheerleaders aren’t the only ones who are expected to commit their time and energy to their team! Parents, you have a big job as well! You are a larger part of the cheer squad that keeps the team organized and running. Without you, who would be the fundraising chair that raised money for team uniforms or helped your child’s team members get to and from practice? While parents are always there at competitions to cheer on their child’s team loudly, they also support their all-stars behind the scenes and during those long months leading up to competition season. Parents are the biggest cheerleaders there are! The financial commitment of a cheer mom and dad is also something that cheer parents should be well informed of and prepared to handle before joining a competitive squad. The dedication and clear communication between parents, cheerleaders and coaches is what creates that successful and happy squad!

Through your dedication and hard work, you may just be that cheer-LEADER that another girl or boy looks up to. Keep it up!

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Jessica Gauthier-Simpson

Jessica is a proud Cheer Mom to her three All Star daughters. She is a full-time educator and event planner who divides her time daily between running her daughters to school, dance and two different cheer gyms. When she is not listening to cheer music or spending time with her girls, Jess likes to relax with her husband, family and friends.


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