Sticking To Your Resolutions

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Each year everyone makes a New Year’s Resolution; with good intentions. But, for a lot of us, that is soon forgotten. Why are we making a resolution? Do we make it because it sounds good, other people are doing it, or we want to achieve a specific goal? How do we make our New Year’s Resolution a goal that we will stick to and work toward? Let’s break it down.

1. Pick a goal that is specific. The more specific you are the more attainable your goal will be. If you want to be a better all-around cheerleader, how will you do that? If you want to be better at tumbling, how will you do that? A more specific goal would be sharper moves when cheering or mastering your tuck or full. These are specific and measurable.

2. Make a plan. Break your goal into steps and write it down. Keep a journal so that you can watch your progress. Visualize it as you make your plan.

3. Find a buddy. Find someone to help you along the way and support you in your progress. It could be a friend, coach, or family member. They can help with motivation and keep you on track.

4. Journal. Keep up with your journal every week. That way your goal stays on your mind. You can journal in your progress and see how far you have come and changes that may need to be made.

5. Don’t give up. When things get difficult, don’t just give up. Regroup and keep working! Things don’t always go our way but that does not mean you give up!

6. Reward yourself! As you accomplish those small steps, journal in your progress and reward yourself. Whether it is going out for ice cream or getting new cheer gear, do something for your success! Remember, New Year’s Resolutions should be a goal for yourself! Follow these steps and you will be sure to accomplish that goal. Remember, take it one step at a time.

Good Luck!

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Chelsey Craft

This Mississippi native, Chelsey, began her cheerleading career in second grade and now cheers for the Seminary High School Bulldogs. Her most rewarding moments as a cheerleaders are selling ribbons on Friday mornings before sporting events and entertaining the young children who watch her perform under the Friday night lights.

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