Similarities Between Soccer and Cheer

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When you think of soccer and cheer, you may not find anything in common right away, but if you look closer into it, it’s actually pretty cool.

The first obvious one, is that they are both team sports. You need to communicate with your team so you can work together. Another similarity is that they both require you to have good endurance and stamina. In soccer, you’re running up and down the field and you’re going to get tired. In cheer, you’re jumping, stunting, tumbling and running to all of your formations. You put everything you’ve got out on the mat, just like you give out all you’ve got on the field. They are both very competitive sports. They both have championships and competitions and long practices. Finally, both sports require amazing sportsmanship, leadership, and a well- bonded team that will stick together through all the hard times as well as the successes.

Now, for the differences, one involves a ball kicked in the air, and the other involves a girl tossed in the air. In soccer, you have nets to catch and block the ball. When you’re cheering, the flyer has to trust the bases to catch them and protect them from hitting the ground. In soccer, you have protection to guard you, like shin guards and sometimes mouth guards. In cheerleading, you don’t have a mouth guard to protect you from getting punched or kicked in the face from stunts. You don’t have shin guards to block your legs from getting kicked in jumps or tumbling. Us cheerleaders may not have a ball flying at us, but we have a 100-pound girl flying at us! So, as you can see there are more similarities than you think. There are also many differences. But, the most important thing to do in all the sports you participate in is to put your heart and soul into it, and always push through, no matter how hard anything gets!

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Jillian Hoard

Jillian is a rec and all-star cheerleader from Florida. She has been cheering in 2012 has grown to love the sport. Jillian enjoys bonding with her teammates and learning new skills, especially stunts.

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