Show Some Love to Your Teammates

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If you have ever been part of a team before, you know how important each member of the team is for accomplishing goals. You need to feel love and respect for your team members, and this will only happen if you spend time showing them what they mean to you. You need to show them The Love. There are some simple ways to do this.

As a member of the Capital Cheer Legends Spartans Senior II team from Lansing, Michigan, I have been a part of some great team bonding activities where I can demonstrate how much I appreciate and love all of the Spartans.

Recently, we had a sleepover at the gym for our team. The parents and gym owners helped organize a special night of food, activities and fun. I used this time to get to know everyone on the team better, learning about their interests and what motivates them. We were able to work on some challenging activities, including things we weren’t used to like singing and choreographing a routine. We overcame the challenges together by joining our individual strengths. This also built trust. This came at the right time since it was the weekend before a competition where our team took first place! I believe this sleepover helped us win.

Showing love to your team members can also occur outside of big bonding events. I try at every practice and competition to recognize when my team members do something great or help them when they are struggling. Words of encouragement and support mean a lot to others. For example, my stunt group was trying to hit our elite stunt. We said we could do it to each other before we tried, and we hit it. We made sure to celebrate and congratulate each other because it took all of us having the perfect timing to hit.

The only way a team can work is if the members of the team understand and trust each other. Understanding and trust lead to love and respect. All of these things together allow you to achieve what seems impossible with your team. My team has become stronger and better because we are taking the time to bond and say the right things to each other. For me, L stands for Legends & Love.

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Bella Rogers

Bella has been an all-star cheerleader since 2012. She is a current member of the Wildcats Cheer Pride. Belle’s favorite part of cheerleading is being a flyer and hitting new stunts to perform throughout the competition season.

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