Should You Switch Cheer Teams?

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Recently, I switched all-star cheerleading gyms. It was a very hard decision for me but I am glad I made that decision sooner than later.

At first I was wondering what my friends and teammates at the old gym would think about me leaving. Would they be mad? Happy? Supportive? I wasn’t sure, but I knew that this decision couldn’t focus on my friendships as much as my future. I had to look at the bigger picture; my future career as a cheerleader. Did I want to get better or stay at the same level I was on and not progress? Moving to a new gym has given me the opportunity to progress and succeed more than I have ever imagined.

For example, I was having trouble doing certain tumbling skills at my old gym. Now I am not only doing those skills but many more.  I would have been holding myself back and restricting my potential to grow as a cheerleader if I didn’t realize I was not getting any better at my old gym. Going through this whole process can be hard and time consuming, sometimes just thinking about it can make you want to keep putting it off. But if you really want a change, do it now.

Another tip for when you are switching gyms or cheer teams is to not let anyone make the decision for you. This is all up to you if you, and if you feel it is what you need then go through with it. Also, think about your future, where you want to go, what you want to do, and how this change will help you.  Ask yourself questions like how will it be the same?You should take a look at everything before diving in head first and not knowing what to expect.

Lastly, if you decide switching gyms is the best option for you, stay in touch with your friends. Don’t lose your relationships just because you’re not spending the majority of your time with them. Even though you might be on different teams you can still continue to have a strong friendship with your former teammates.

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Zoe Fazio

Zoe is currently an all-star cheerleader from New Jersey and cheers for Central Jersey Allstars. Zoe believes that cheerleading has taught her that she can achieve anything as long as she works hard and dedicates herself and her time to accomplishing her goals.

1 Comment

  1. lisa ackermann

    October 13, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    You rock ZOE !!! Keep writing, this is awesome!
    Aunt Lisa♪

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