Problem Solving with Cheer Teammates

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It is common for teams to have conflict, but cheerleading is a team sport that involves compromising, problem solving and collaboration. As a team you should try to talk it out, have a mediation. It is important during a conflict that each side has an understanding of the other’s point of view. It is also important that each side feels like their opinion is crucial to the resolution process.


The first step to mediation is to come with an open-mind and to realize that being kind is better than being right. The second step is to acknowledge the issue. Once the issue is acknowledged discuss the strains it is holding on your team. Next, have each side communicate their issue, let them finish their thoughts before they are interrupted, so you can hear their full statement. After, talk about how this can be resolved. As a team pick the best resolution, reach an agreement. Remember that compromising is important, as a team you must decide the course of action you would like to take. Also remember that resolution takes time and may not occur quickly, but as long as you see progress continue. If not progress is seen then regroup as a team and think of a different solution.


There are many ways to prevent conflict. Conflict is a normal thing for teams no matter how well you know your teammates conflict may occur. However, team bonding can help limit the amount of tension on a team. Team bonding helps because the more you get to know each other the stronger your bond will get. Knowing the pet-peeves of your teammates makes you aware of when you’re annoying them. Ways to team bond includes fun scavenger hunts and having team outings such as getting food or even going to the mall. Team sleepovers are also a good idea and fun to have.

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Arlycia Smith

Arlycia Smith has been cheering for almost ten years. She started competitive cheer in 2008 and started cheering for her school in 2013. Arlycia has been to many cheerleading competitions in the state of Ohio including states at The Ohio University during her freshman year.

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