Planning For a Successful Semester

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The start of a new semester is a very exciting time! As thrilling as the holiday season was, I am very excited to be back at school with my friends and to be back on the mat with my cheerleading team. With a new semester, comes new classes, new responsibilities, and a completely different schedule! A new challenge you might have is time management. It can be difficult to figure out your new schedule, and plan out your time for homework, social events, and practices. I plan to overcome this challenge by keeping track of all of my assignments and important meetings in a calendar. If I write everything down, I will be less likely to forget to do an assignment or be late to a practice/game.

Another challenge might be figuring out who is in your new classes and being open to meeting new friends. To overcome this challenge, I plan to be open and kind to all of my classmates. If I am kind to everyone, it won’t take long before I have tons of friends in my classes! Finally, it might be difficult to have motivation for schoolwork after the long holiday break. I plan to set little rewards for myself for every task I complete. A trick I use when reading a textbook or article for school is to place a piece of my favorite candy at the end of each paragraph. When I finish reading the paragraph, I get to eat the treat! This helps me to stay focused on the task I have to complete.

Be sure to space out your assignments so you do not get stressed out or run out of time to complete them. I hope all my fellow cheerleaders have an amazing semester! Remember to work hard in both all of your classes and on the mat with your cheerleading squad.

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Sedona Brighton

This Colorado native, Sedona, took her cheerleading career to new heights when she joined the Denison University Cheer Team in Ohio. Cheerleading’s demand for teamwork is what she loves most about it as well as the fun flips and tricks that cheerleaders do.

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