Overcoming Obstacles: It’s a Cheer Mentality

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What does it take to overcome any obstacle? For one, many cheerleaders biggest fear is themselves. Cheerleading is a sport that takes a lot of self discipline and confidence. When you show up and step up, you can take on anything. You can’t build a team if you don’t even have your own participation.
Overcoming an obstacle would have to be the hardest thing for anyone to do. When I was younger I cheered for an all-star team. I remember heading to practice one day with so much confidence! We were tumbling and as my turn was up, I went to throw my tuck and landed on my neck. I strained it really bad.  I thought I may never cheer again. It was by far the scariest time I had ever been through.

After my injury, I had to go to multiple physical therapy appointments.  It was so tough to be thrown out of my routine and the thing I love most. I went through an emotionally challenging stage where I didn’t even want to do it on my own. I remember not wanting to listen to anyone. I was so down on myself that I said I wasn’t going to be able to throw another tuck, ever!
It was a long and sometimes challenging process.  It took about a year and a half to overcome this obstacle. After my year away, I returned to practice with a new vigor. My mom couldn’t get me to stop tumbling! Here is another cool blog on the 5 Methods to Overcoming Tumbling Blocks. 

Through my recovery, my mom pushed me to keep my head up and stay strong. Remember that we all face challenges. But whatever the obstacle you may be working through, make sure you have a support system. Keep your family, friends, and coaches by your side. Together we can accomplish the most!

No matter what obstacle you may be going through, you can do it! No matter the circumstances. Check out this Cheer Blog on Confidence from one of our other Chasse Cheer Athletes. Prepare yourself mentally and know that anything can be done.

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Jalah Taylor

Jalah Taylor is a member of the Stockbridge Varsity Cheer Squad in Stockbridge, Georgia. Cheering has been hermy hobby for about 9 years and she absolutely fell in love with it. Jalah enjoys the stunting aspect of cheer and continues to learn new skills and abilities.

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