Never Stop Learning

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What is a cheerleader, someone who leads cheers and shows leadership inside and outside the team. Who has a goals and achievements to look forward towards the end of the season. There is never a time to stop learning new things, go over old things or refresh. There is always room for improvement and nothing is perfect. When someone tries something the first time is never perfect, so it takes time and a lot of practice. As the saying goes practice makes perfect, which is very true.

When someone practices and dedicates all their time and energy, giving their all into something such as tumbling, sharpness, stunting, it improves a person. Everything that a cheerleader does helps to improve their skills and make them better. This broadens a person’s horizon giving them the experience they strive for, need and want. Strive is for the dedication of a cheerleader to help them give their heart to a sport they love. Giving their whole heart and soul into a team and doing everything I their to make sure they are doing their part. New skills come in handy and make a cheer want to have that specific dedication they want to have. It better them and make a person have more responsibility and knowledge of what they want and need. Even the best still need to practice and there are things they need to learn. The best of best has something they need to work on to better themselves. Behind a great athlete is a great coach or trainer.

To never stop learning new skills is like not walking or running it’s something that should happen all the time and it increases your ability. The ability to do so many amazing things, some never thought they could even do. It opens a door of opportunities of greatness. Plus many that want to do college cheer, many coaches can see your hard work and dedication. Even though a person might not be the best tumbler, they have other great qualities. They can learn new skills and help improve the old and refresh, just as a great cheerleader does.

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Abigail Madigan

Abigail is a high school cheerleader from California. She became a cheerleader when she was 5 years old but took a break to try other sports. When she was in middle she decided to return to cheerleader and hasn't stopped since. Her favorite aspect of cheerleading is being surrounded by people who share the same passion for cheerleading as she does.

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