My Summer Cheer Practices

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My favorite time of the year is summer! Which means no school, hot days, and summer cheer practices! Summer practices are really the time to get new skills and prepare for the upcoming season. Before practices start, we get our team and competition schedule for the next year. This year I’m on an XS Senior Coed Restricted 5 team! It’s our gym’s first time having a level 5 team, so this summer our main goal is to practice and perfect our level 5 skills. We are working on new stunts, and perfecting our old ones. We’re also practicing working with new groups and figuring out who works best with each other. Along with stunting, we also are working on our tumbling. My goal is to get new tumbling skills this summer, including my double full! We are always encouraging our teammates and cheering them on to get new skills this summer to help our team next season.

Practices in the summer are a little more fun than during the season. During the summer, it’s fun to work on new things and bond with a new team! They are usually less stressful too. Throughout the summer, we are always doing fun things like parades, team bonding, and even performing at an NFL Packer game! Also, we have team choreography where we learn most of our routine for the season. This is always fun and exciting to get a new routine, especially getting new music! Another fun thing we do at the end of each summer practice (which was my idea) is we make up a dance! Each person on my team is assigned to make up 4 counts to a dance. After each practice, one person teaches their counts to the entire team. We add on to the dance at the end of each practice, and by the end of summer we have a fun dance created by the whole team!

Even though there is a lot of hard work and conditioning that comes with summer practices, overall they are very fun! The summer practices for us is all about perfecting and preparing for the upcoming season.

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Aliyah O'Gara

Aliyah is a cheerleader from Wisconsin. She had been a cheerleader since she was 5 years old and is currently on a Senior Coed 4 all-star cheer team. Aliyah loves being part of a team as well as the bonding, traveling, and lifelong friendships she has created.

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