My Journey To Becoming A Cheerleader

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Once upon a time a young princess at the age of five lived in a far away land called Tehachapi. This princess was always happy, cheerful, and smiled more than any princess has before. All she wanted to do was to be like the girls on friday nights, shining in the lights, throwing people in the air and cheering for all of the prince charmings of the land. But, this little girl was too big they all said, smashing her dreams down and not believing in her.

That little girl felt like she couldn’t do anything because of the rude commentary, until one day she decided to ignore the mean name calling and trade in her heels for cheer shoes, her crown for a cheer bow, and her dress for a uniform. She fell in love, not with a prince, but with the sport. Even though people continued to put her down, she kept on believing in herself and worked her bow off to achieve her goals.

Her life started looking brighter for awhile until she turned thirteen. She wasn’t aware of a curse that had been haunting her for some time and just began to affect her life. She had grown an extra bone in her foot which caused major difficulty in her cheerleading life, tumbling, jumping, and even walking was starting to become difficult. She ended up having to get surgery on her foot, and even then the doctor said she wouldn’t be able to cheer again, which was the most devastating news she had ever received.

After the surgery and healing process something magical happened. She pushed herself to heal the foot to the point she could cheer again at age fourteen. Everything was perfect and she became better cheerleader than she ever was before.

That princess was me, Jamie Phillips.  I am eighteen years old and I still cheer today. Through cheer I have learned if you have goals don’t let anyone stop you. Whether it be something with cheerleading, an A+ on a test, or simply getting over a fear, always strive for what you want. I believe in you even though I may not know you, but I know with compassion, dedication, and drive you can make anything possible. Today I am striving to be a Chargers cheerleader and some say I wont be able to do it, but I know I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it.

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Jamie Phillips

High school cheerleader Jamie has been a cheerleader for the past thirteen years. She is currently a varsity cheerleader for the THS Warriors in California and enjoys encouraging the crowds at her school’s sporting events. Cheerleading is a huge part of Jamie’s life and she takes great pride in being a role model for younger cheerleaders.

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