My Final Semester as a High School Cheerleader

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It’s my last semester of high school and my last few months of being a cheerleader. It can be scary, exciting, and heartbreaking at the same time. There’s so many things to be sad about but so many things to be excited for at the same time. Senior night is coming up which means we get to have a special ceremony and it gets really emotional. It’s a whole night dedicated to the seniors because it is their last time that they will wear their uniform. In addition, you get to finish out the last season cheering on players you’ve been cheering on for years. It’s so special to see the progress you and the players make during high school. It can be really scary because cheerleading has been your life for the last few years but there’s so much more stuff to look forward to.

You can try out for college cheer, all-star cheer, get involved with a local team, it doesn’t have to be the end of your cheerleading career. I’m going to miss so much about cheerleading but the most important thing I’ll miss is the friendships I made throughout my four years of cheering. My team has become my family, my sisters. It’s so hard to leave them behind.

I’ll also miss stunting, getting hit, getting hurt, spending time with my team, cheering at football games and pep rallies, because it’s all over. These are all my lasts. My last game, my last season, my last stunt, last pep rally, and then its all over. It’s important to cherish the time that you are given. Even if you’re a freshman, life and high school goes by so so fast. You blink and you’re graduating. Sometimes it seems like you will be stuck in high school forever and cheering for your team forever but it’s essential to cherish every single game and every single minute you get with your team because someday it will be your last.

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Valerie Adams

Valerie is currently a varsity cheerleader for Christian High School in California. She began cheering two years ago and has since grown a love for the sport. Valerie enjoys stunting with her team and values the many friendships she has made with the cheerleaders on her team.

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