My Daughter’s Growth As a Cheerleader

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Cheerleading is a huge part of my daughter’s life. As a matter of fact, she has said many times that she cannot imagine her life without it. Actually, to be honest, neither can I. Cheerleading is more than just a sport in our family. It has shaped my daughter into someone that I am incredibly proud of.

My daughter, Maci entered the cheer world as a shy, 4 year old that could hardly do a forward roll. If there was not practice one day, she begged to go to any open gym or class her cheer gym offered. Her cheer gym quickly became her second home and her coaches and teammates became her family. Even at a young age, I realized she was learning to create goals for herself but also realizing the importance of creating new goals when the old goals are reached.  I enjoyed watching my little, 4 year old girl become more confident, outgoing and begin to learn that hard work pays off.

Maci is now 9 ½ years old, on a youth 3 team. This will be her sixth year at her all star cheer gym. Her 6 years in the cheer world have shaped Maci into a young girl who works hard for her skills and is dedicated to her team, coaches and cheer gym. She is confident, strong and has learned to take constructive criticism well.  She also realizes that although she may be 9, she is a role model to many little cheerleaders in her gym. As a result, cheerleading has also taught her the importance of being a positive role model both on and off the mat. She understands that she is representing her team and cheer gym when she is at practice but also when she is at school or in her community. Cheerleading has also helped Maci to be respectful and to encourage her team through the ups and downs of practices and competitions. Let’s be honest, we all know that not every practice and competition goes the way we want, but Maci has learned to take those failures and struggles and turn them into a drive and desire to work harder next time and to not give up.

My daughter is still learning life skills through her cheerleading experience each and every day. Everything she continues to learn will help her in all aspects of her life as a child and even into adulthood. It has truly shaped her into an amazing 9 year old, who I am proud to call her my daughter.


Jamie Micewski

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Jamie Micewski

Jamie is a proud, “Cheer Mom” residing in PA with her husband, son and daughter. She is also a 2nd grade teacher. Jamie spent 13 years of her childhood and teenage years cheering and feels it has helped her mold into the woman, mom, and teacher she is today. Her greatest gift is to watch her daughter embrace that very same sport through the world of All Star Cheerleading.

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