My Cheerleading Goals

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The definition of the word goal is described as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” Basically, to have a goal, you have to want something. Replacing the word “person’s” with “cheerleader’s”, and the phrase “an aim or desired result” to “towards success,” we have the perfect definition of the word “goal” for cheerleaders everywhere:

The object of a cheerleader’s ambition or effort towards success.

Every cheerleader has a goal in regards to cheerleading. Maybe it’s to finally nail that stunt your stunt group has been working on for days, or maybe it’s to get that back handspring you’ve been focusing on for the better part of competition season—regardless of what it is, it’s there. And if you really, really, really want something, you’ll work towards it like I am!

My goals for this season are to achieve my back handspring, get first place at competitions (but isn’t that every cheerleader’s goal?), spread my love of cheerleading, and be the best base and flyer that I can be! There are also certain skills I’d like to improve and perfect, like my back walkover (which has just recently become a goal I’ve achieved!), my round-off, and my front walkover.

My team is currently focusing on learning and perfecting new stunts, such as the waterfall, and one-man’s, along with cartwheeling into stunts. Personally, I’m working on bettering my body for cheer with conditioning, and 30-day workout challenges. If my body is in great shape, then my cheering will be great, too!

By the end of this cheer season, I want to have a neat, perfect back handspring, along with clean and strong front and back walkovers. It wouldn’t hurt to have at least a few first place wins underneath my belt, too!

The work that goes into getting to my goals are hard, and I may get angry or frustrated at times, but it will definitely be worth it when I achieve my goal. For all of the cheerleaders who are working on getting to their goals, I wish you the best of luck!

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Dani Luckett

Dani is an Illinois native and just recently began her career as a cheerleader. She has quickly come to love all aspects of cheerleading and is a member of the the Kaos Bulldogs, a recreational team that participates in sideline and competitive cheer. She loves learning new choreography and performing her routines at cheer competitions.

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