Motivation Monday: Cheer Edition

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Do you sometimes struggle to stay motivated during cheer season? I think we have all been there! When things don’t go our way, it’s easy to get frustrated.

One thing that always manages to bring me down is when I just can’t hit a skill. Sometimes, all you have to do is take a break and get your energy and attitude back up. Maybe you need to just work on something else for awhile, get a drink of water or ask your coach for a different perspective on what you need to improve on. Sometimes you just need to take a minute to refresh your mind and then get back to it. I have found that this definitely helps me!

Another thing that can make us lose motivation is having a bad practice. It’s easy to get down when nothing seems to be going right! The best thing you can do is figure out what specifically you can improve on. Try making a list of goals for your next practice and remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day and you will get it next time!

Another thing that can make practice difficult is when not everyone is there. The reality is there will always be times when teammates get sick or have conflicts for some reason. It is disappointing when you can’t stunt because someone is missing from your stunt group. But just remember there is nothing you can do about that and you need to make the best of every practice. If it’s not in your control, try to just let it go. Believe me, I know it can be difficult, but just remind yourself that you are a good teammate and you did everything you could.

Another situation that can make you want to give up is having a bad competition. Just use that as motivation to work harder! Instead of focusing on the bad, remind yourself of the fun you had when you were there. Like if you got to stay in a hotel room with your best friend or go out to eat with your team. Look at the positive!

So even though sometimes being a cheerleader can be tough, remember these three things. Tomorrow will be better, you did the best you could do, and always look at the positive!

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Karson Swim

All-star cheerleader Karson is currently a member of the Transform Academy Twisters in Iowa. She has been cheering for the past five years and has developed a passion for the performance aspect of competitive cheerleading. Karson enjoys performing in front of large crowds as well as learning new cheerleading skills.

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