Learning from Mistakes

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Perfect routines are not made perfect overnight. It takes a great amount of time and dedication to learn and clean a routine to wow the judges. When learning a routine it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them! I have made a bunch of mistakes in cheer while learning routines. I’ve messed up on everything from the jump timing, to the main pyramids, and even the ending dance. I didn’t get upset over them, instead I understood that learning from mistakes was what would strengthen the routine even more!


The jumps in a routine, though very simple compared to the timing of stunts, can be difficult to master. I was always jumping a count to early. Once I recognized my mistake I thought of a way to fix it. I began to count aloud so I would be in the air with the rest of my team and all land together. Just like that the problem was solved and the jumps looked amazing!


A mistake while doing jumps is not as bad as a mistake in a stunt or pyramid. Messing up the timing, hand placement, or not having confidence in the stunt can cause the stunt to fall and may lead to you or a teammate getting injured. While I was learning a new stunt, I was not really sure of the counts and tried my best to go along with the stunt. The stunt fell down, and no one was hurt, but I knew then I had to fix my mistake. I asked my coach to go over the counts until I felt confident in the stunt. If you ever are unsure about a stunt, speak up! It’s best to prevent a stunting mistake by feeling confident in the stunt before doing it! This way when you run your routine you feel secure in all your stunts.


After all the stunting, tumbling, and jumps comes the final dance. The last part to show the judges your team’s spirit and energy. It is easy to make a mistake during the fast paced dance. I made a lot of mistakes in the dance so I decided to talk to my coach about it. She gave me the music and printed out step by step counts for the dance. I practiced at home and in the gym until I mastered it. If you make a mistake during the dance while practicing or performing, keep smiling and move on! Especially when you are performing if you make a mistake keep going. No one will know you made a mistake except for you! Then afterwards ask a coach for help to master your dance for the next performance!

Mistakes are okay to make. It’s important to recognize your cheer mistakes and to fix them. You can always ask a teammate or a coach for help if you are unsure of counts or want clarity on any part of the routine. Coaches are there to help you succeed and learn from your mistakes!

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Adrianna Christ

Adrianna is a all-star cheerleader from Minnesota. She has been a cheerleader since she was 12 years old and has grown very close to her teammates. She considers her team a part of her family and would not trade it for the world.

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